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New Governance solutions with AGM Voting Insight and ESG Data distribution

New Governance solutions with AGM Voting Insight and ESG Data distribution

Euronext Corporate Services releases new solutions to support listed companies in their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and their shareholder engagement with the launch of an Annual General Meetings (AGM) Voting Insight solution and a new version of its SaaS investor relation platform IR.Manager, now including ESG data distribution.

AGM Voting Insights is an innovative service that provides issuers with strategic shareholder
intelligence and voting analytics before Annual General Meetings. This new service empowers companies to make informed decisions, optimise their engagement efforts, and align their strategies with voting trends. By leveraging real-time insights into AGM voting patterns, issuers can anticipate investor concerns, address governance issues proactively, streamline regulatory reporting, and ensure the success of their AGMs.

AGM Voting Insight brings a new dimension on shareholder visibility

Alongside this major innovation, Euronext Corporate Services is also launching a new version of IR.Manager, its SaaS investor relation platform for listed companies, now offering a broad new range of ESG data on funds and investment organisations, which will enhance the user experience for investor relations professionals, and will support listed companies in their access to sustainable finance.

Together, these new services and solutions will provide listed companies with advanced ESG data, so they can be more prepared in their shareholder engagement. Establishing and maintaining connections with key shareholders is crucial, particularly during critical decision-making events such as AGMs. Launched in partnership with Proxymity, AGM Voting Insight, a first-of-its-kind offering, equips European listed companies with early visibility of the voting intentions of their shareholders, empowering them with early and total visibility over who has voted and how, days before AGM.

The service enables issuers to gain granular insights into pre-AGM voting activity across resolutions and at the beneficial owners’ level. By leveraging real-time, in-depth voting analytics, issuers can identify trends, anticipate voting outcomes, tailor messaging, mitigate risks, and strengthen governance. AGM voting insight, together with Shareholder Analysis services also provided by Euronext Corporate Services, thus bring strategic intelligence for Investor relations teams who will now have extra time to engage with crucial shareholders before AGMs.

Key features of AGM Voting Insight include:

•  In-depth analysis of vote resolutions at the beneficial owner level
•  Enriched investor contact data to facilitate engagement
•  Real-time updates from the publication of AGM resolutions
•  Visibility into institutional voter patterns and trends
•  Intelligence to align messaging and engagement strategies


IR.Manager SaaS investor relation platform enriched with new ESG data

Euronext Corporate Services launches new ESG data into IR.Manager, its SaaS investor relations platform, providing listed companies with a comprehensive ESG dataset on funds and investment organisations, powered by Morningstar®.

As sustainability increasingly influences investment decisions, investor relations professionals need to analyse their shareholders and prospect investors with more information on their ESG profile and performance. The ESG data now available in IR.Manager enables investor relations professionals to better identify and target investors, giving them the access to funds’ rating and non-financial investment approach, in order for them to better align their investors’ engagement with their own ESG trajectory.


Mathieu Caron, Head of Primary Markets at Euronext said:

“We are thrilled about these new releases to our suite of ESG solutions. In a world where shareholder engagement and sustainable finance are becoming central to the life of listed companies, we are delighted to provide cutting-edge tools to better connect our customers to the investment universe and for the preparation of their Annual General Meetings. Euronext is actively committed to supporting listed companies in their investor dialogue and ESG strategy, acknowledging its significance in investment decisions.” 


How does AGM Voting Insight benefit companies?

AGM Voting Insight provides companies with early visibility into shareholder voting intentions, allowing them to make well-informed decisions, optimise engagement, and align strategies with voting trends. It assists in anticipating investor concerns, proactively addressing governance issues, streamlining reporting, and ensuring AGM success.

Why is understanding ESG data related to investment funds important for IR professionals?

Integrating ESG data on funds is essential for IR professionals to ensure their company's initiatives align with the ESG criteria that investors prioritise, which is increasingly critical for attracting and retaining investment in a market that emphasises sustainable and responsible investing.

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