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  • palazzomezzanotte Palazzo Mezzanotte Congress Centre

    World-class global event location

    Host your next prestigious in-person or hybrid event in the heart of Milan at Piazza Degli Affari Square where rich heritage meets 21st-century broadcast and streaming capabilities.

Exclusive event spaces

Discover signature spaces for engaging audiences

From professional digital studios to the ancient Roman theatre and beyond, the Palazzo Mezzanotte is a versatile space for congresses, exhibits, training classes, gala dinners, fashion shows and general corporate events.
The Palazzo Mezzanotte Expérience
Your prestigious address for any event

Communicate, attract and connect with others in a historic landmark location

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    A location steeped in history

    Built in 1932, impress stakeholders in a space located at the heart of the Italian financial market where stock markets across Milan once gathered.
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    Accommodate large groups

    The Palazzo Mezzanotte can accommodate hundreds of people across its various spaces.
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    Host professional hybrid events

    With state-of-the-art TV studios and digital experts on hand, stream in-person events to drive global reach.
A unique compilation of dynamic event spaces

Choose from a variety of spaces that meet unique requirements


The Roman Ruins Area

Host exhibitions and conferences in the ancient Roman theatre, one of the most culturally rich parts of the building.


The Timeless Parterre

Conduct meetings and exhibitions in the 1500-square-metre space featuring 440 theatre-style seats where traders once hosted live auctions.


Modern Conference Rooms

Enjoy contemporary conferencing facilities with rooms divisible into 3 smaller spaces and 290 seats across 600 square metres.


Professional TV studios

Enjoy complete access to Palazzo Mezzanotte's studios for professionally hosting physical, hybrid or digital events.

Reach a wider and more qualified audience

Benefit from a host of services by Borsa Italiana

Borsa Italiana manages the Italian financial markets and is headquartered in the Palazzo Mezzanotte.
  • Borsa Italiana
  • Professional Studios
  • Event spaces
  • Highly reputable
    • Expand your global reach

      Borsa Italiana's services include creating a co-branded "mini site" with a prestigious group signature to elevate brand visibility.

    • Borsa Italiana in numbers

      Borsa Italiana's portal has 3.6M monthly impressions, 1.8M monthly users and 214,300 newsletter recipients.

    • Leverage an established advertising space

      Borsa Italiana's advertising space and digital tools provide the best visibility and services for corporate brands.

    • Reach various audiences with ease

      The Palazzo Mezzanotte has availed its world-class TV studios and expert technicians to the public, making it easy to reach target audiences without limitations.

    • Highly experienced team

      Bring incredible, high-quality events to life with our expert technicians and staff who follow all phases, from pre-production to live broadcasting.

    • Enjoy unlimited access to resources

      All resources are used to ensure the highest quality event. From music and editing to simultaneous translation and graphic inserts, impress viewers from all locations.

    • Various event spaces

      Host corporate training events, high-end dinner parties, conferences and more in the varied selection of event spaces.

    • Ability to host major events

      With the Palazzo Mezzanotte able to accommodate more than 600 people across its venues, the biggest events are brought to life.

    • Historic prestige

      The Palazzo Mezzanotte is made up of artistic rooms featuring rich heritage to add character and class to any event.

    • Headquarters of Borsa Italiana

      The Palazzo Mezzanotte is the headquarters of Borsa Italiana, a part of the Euronext Group and strategic infrastructure for growth that delivers organisational services and digital tools.

    • Attention to detail

      The modern conference rooms in the building feature original ceramics designed in 1931 by famous architect and designer, Giò Ponti.

    • Enhanced event communication

      Opting for a co-branded mini-site with Borsa Italiana enhances communication for events and reaches a wider audience with a prestigious "signature."

Host your next legendary event

Discover the benefits of hosting an event at the reputable and historic Palazzo Mezzanotte.

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