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    We welcome like-minded and established companies seeking growth to join our Partnership Programme. Position your brand as an industry expert while boosting your customer retention and revenue.

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Join our programme and enjoy industry-leading status. You'll gain access to our extensive knowledge base, software implementation experience and high data security. Browse our partner products below.
  • Tennaxia

    Euronext Corporate Services' ESG Advisory and Tennaxia provide a combined range of expertise with an unparalleled end-to-end CSR package.
  • Ethics & Boards

    Euronext Corporate Services' ESG Advisory has a strategic partnership with the experts from Ethics & Boards to offer high-value data-driven reports.
With the Smart Global Governance IRM platform, the Euronext Corporate are interfaced with all other governance, risks and compliance management tools.
Olivier Guillo CEO of Smart Global Governance

More than 4,000 organisations in over 25 countries utilise our services and solutions, ranging from corporates to the public sector.

How our Partnership Programme benefits you

Why you should join our Partnership Programme

With a host of partner and engagement models available, we offer customised solutions to meet your needs. Position yourself as an industry expert and gain exclusive access to our extensive expertise.
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    Grow your client network

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    Enjoy high data security

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    Leverage our industry experience

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