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    Employee trading monitoring solution

    Enjoy automatic clearing and monitoring of employees' personal trades while ensuring compliance with MAR and MiFID II using TradeLog.

Simplify compliance

Minimise risks and comply with regulations

Alleviate hassles and save time spent on manually monitoring employees' personal securities, transactions and holdings with the automated TradeLog platform.
Streamline employee compliance

Discover how an automated employee trading monitoring solution helps with streamlining compliance

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    Digitise trade monitoring

    Access a digitised case management system featuring automated surveillance and violation notifications.
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    Save time on pre-clearance

    Reduce time spent on preliminary trade clearance among employees with a highly automated system.
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    Simplify employee compliance

    TradeLog's digital automation helps employees to easily comply with MAR and MiFID II.
Secure and accelerated employee trading monitoring solution

Robust compliance platform for enhanced employee experiences


Maintain complete control over all trades

Compliance officers have full control over setting rules for personal trades. Get instantly notified on trade pre-clearance and surveillance violations.


Optimise the employee experience

Simplify the way employees apply for trade pre-clearance, and their ability to access information on prohibited trades and administer their profiles.


Rapidly resolve violations

Compliance officers and employees are quickly notified on violations to accelerate actions required.


Swiftly process trade applications

Process pending trade applicatons with ease, follow up on outstanding consents, or request further input before clearing trades.

Stay compliant with MAR and MiFID II

A complete solution for improved compliance

Minimise time spent on monitoring employees' personal trades and drive MAR compliance with a digitised employee trading monitoring solution.
  • Optimal compliance
  • Enhanced experience
  • Increased productivity
  • Simplified administration
    • Help employees comply with ease

      Ensure employees comply with MAR and MiFID II regulations, as well as organisational policies.

    • Fully digitised case management system

      Receive instant notifications and custom reports via a fully automated case management system.

    • Save time for compliance teams

      TradeLog manages all relevant documentation related to cases within its secure digital platform.

    • Minimise complexity for employees

      Employees can quickly update holdings and information on close connections within their individual profiles.

    • Drive efficiency with automation

      Digitised prompts and features optimise engagement among employees while maintaining compliance.

    • Secure and easy to use

      TradeLog's automated personal trade monitoring platform is fully GDPR-compliant and adheres to internal policies.

    • Process applications quickly

      The "Applications Pending" tab within TradeLog enables applications to be processed quickly, elevating efficiency across teams.

    • Accelerate the trade monitoring process

      Innovative automation within TradeLog boosts efficiency by mitigating time-consuming processes and tasks related to personal trade monitoring.

    • Free up time checking potential trades

      TradeLog's digital system saves time spent overseeing individual prospective trade applications.

    • Fully automate the application process

      Our user-friendly and automated digital application process simplifies online administration and the pre-clearance of trades.

    • Less administration, more compliance

      Eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual administrative work with automated notifications and online applications.

    • Accelerate pre-clearance via customisation

      Customise parameters to ensure legislative compliance while ensuring adherence with internal policies within TradeLog.

Scale personal trade monitoring with automation

See how TradeLog's automated employee trading monitoring solution can save time and ensure compliance.

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