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  • shareholderanalysis Shareholder Analysis

    Shareholder Analysis: Boost shareholding knowledge

    Gain insight into your shareholding with a strategic data-driven analysis that ensures a comprehensive and dynamic view of your capital structure.

  • Our team conducted 100+ Shareholders Analysis last year among Euronext listed companies and beyond.

Our clients

Our team conducted 100+ Shareholders Analysis last year among Euronext listed companies and beyond

Key shareholder analysis

Drive effective investor relations strategies

Elevate your equity story and expand your investor reach with our tailored shareholder analysis solutions. Whether you are aiming to achieve listing goals or seeking strategic insights, our investor relations specialised advisory team is hereto support your listing objectives.

Monitor any shareholder moves

Seamlessly map out and evaluate your shareholder base, gaining deep insights into their behaviors and preferences. Uncover and contextualise shareholder activity with precision, identifying key trends and patterns that drive market sentiment.
  • Institutional ownership: Our advisory team provides precious insights allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and make strategic adjustments.

  • Shareholder surveillance: Benefit from proactive shareholder monitoring and track any shareholder moves.


Prepare upcoming investor roadshows

Conduct thorough audience analysis ahead of your upcoming investor road shows, ensuring you engage with the right stakeholders effectively. Our advisory team provides unparalleled insights into the composition of your shareholder base, empowering you to identify key investment managers and decision-makers who can influence your company's future.
  • Investor relations program: Identify the interests and priorities of your target audience to maximise the impact of your engagements with investors.


Benchmark your shareholding with your industry

Our peer analysis allows you to delve deep into the minds of your shareholders and understand better their motivations for investing in your shares. Our study empowers you to conduct comprehensive peer comparisons, benchmarking your shareholding structure against industry standards. By analysing trends and patterns within your market, you can identify opportunities for strategic alignment and tailor your investor relations efforts accordingly.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Combined with a perception study, our peer analysis assist investor relations (IR) and management not only in determining their position but also in discerning how to differentiate their company within a crowded marketplace.


IR.Manager integration

Shareholder Analysis and IR.Manager can be applied in tandem or used separately to provide a clear overview of your shareholding structure.
  • IR manager is the perfect tool to implement an effective investor relations framework:

  • Relationship management:

    Streamline relationship with institutional investors, analysts and other stakeholders:

    • Meeting history and meeting notes
    • Roadshow logistics solutions

  • Communication:

    Share news and speak directly to keyholders through efficient interactions:

    • Mailing solution
    • Outlook synchronisation

  • Investor targeting

    Profile and identify institutional investors with greater accuracy:

    • Investor engagement performance reports
    • Advanced identification, qualification and screening solutions

The Shareholder Analysis team provides listed companies with strategic knowledge for a better investors' engagement. Thanks to a tight project management, the team offers a "one-stop shop" service, from the collection of the share register, to the complete and dynamic analysis of companies' capital.
Nicolas Meunier Head of Advisory & IR Solutions
Enhance your value proposition with investors

Advisory and market intelligence solutions to accelerate capital market growth

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    Optimise and expand your shareholder base

    Boost your investor relations strategy by
    identifying the right shareholders and
    expanding your investor reach through
    informed insights on your shareholder
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    Comprehensive perception analysis

    Accurately anticipate market trends, boost your equity story and make informed decisions based on accurate data.
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    Leverage a wealth of expertise

    Benefit from our advisory team's wealth of experience in investor relations to develop an investor relations strategy that supports your listing goals.

Exclusive Add-On

Upgrade your Shareholder Analysis with AGM Voting Insight 

Shareholding Analyze AGM voting insights
AGM Voting Insight

Make informed decisions pre-AGM

AGM Voting Insight gives listed companies early visibility into shareholder voting intentions and patterns through granular, real-time analytics across resolutions and beneficial owners. This strategic investor relations intelligence empowers companies to spot trends, forecast outcomes, refine messaging, mitigate risks, bolster governance, and better engage shareholders pre-AGM.
  • Comprehensive Analysis:

    • Detailed Excel report breaking down vote resolution at the beneficial owner level

    • Trend identification within the shareholder base

    • Understanding of individual shareholder preferences

  • Enhanced Investor Data:

    • Enriched investor contact information for swift and effective engagement

    • Complete shareholder listing

    • Enhanced relationships with key stakeholders thanks to valuable data

  • Real-Time Updates:

    • Daily report updates from the publication of AGM resolutions

    • Timely information accessible anytime, anywhere helping you to make strategic adjustments when needed

Ensure a relevant and efficient Investor Relations strategy

Improve your IR strategy with accurate shareholder data

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