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    InsiderLog: Automate insider list management

    Ensure compliance with market abuse regulations (MAR) while simplifying the management of insider lists online with InsiderLog.

Establish compliance

Save time and effortlessly comply with MAR criteria

InsiderLog is an online insider list management solution that reduces the risk of manual reporting. InsiderLog's digital automation helps to ensure MAR compliance.
Streamline your insider list management

Benefit from a robust and highly secure insider list management solution

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    Unlock high data security

    Restrict access to insider lists with two-factor authentication on our secure GDPR-compliant platform.
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    Boost efficiency and speed

    Comply with MAR requirements using automated workflows to help with effectively maintaining insider lists.
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    Minimise risk exposure

    Avoid manual reporting with automatic reminders and tracking of insider list changes, timestamps and more.
Ensure compliance with market abuse regulations

Securely manage multiple insider lists


Automate administration of insider lists

Get automatic reminders and tracking of list changes, secure lists with password protection, and digitally notify authorities once information is disclosed.


Designed for compliance and legal teams

Compliance and legal teams can save time with digital reminders and notifications that facilitate the simplified management of insider lists online.


Instantly record updates within insider lists

Automatically record updates made within insider lists with exact timestamps.


Trusted by organisations worldwide

Join more than 900 organisations in over 25 countries around the world already using our highly secure insider list management platform.

Simplified insider list management

A digital solution to help drive MAR compliance

InsiderLog is the gateway to highly secure and digital insider list management that saves time and complies with market abuse regulations.
  • Digital automation
  • MAR Compliance
  • Highly secure
  • Time-saving
    • Effortlessly manage insider lists online

      Create and maintain insider lists online. Insiders can enter their own details, with automated prompts helping to stay compliant with MAR.

    • Simplified for issuers and advisors

      Issuers and advisors can save time with digital reminders and notifications to boost productivity for compliance and legal teams.

    • Automatically notify local authorities

      Disclosed insider information is automatically collected and sent to your local financial authority where applicable, alleviating the need to send manual emails.

    • No need for manual reporting

      Avoid risks associated with manual reporting by opting to use the digital insider list management platform.

    • Delaying disclosure under MAR criteria

      InsiderLog guides you through the assessment of new insider lists and documents it in case you are approached by financial supervisory authorities.

    • Stay compliant with digital insider lists

      Access the most innovative functionality to help you remain compliant with market abuse regulations.

    • GDPR compliance

      Ensure employees' personal information is fully protected according to data regulations with our secure GDPR-compliant digital platform.

    • Safe and secure platform

      InsiderLog is expertly designed to provide the highest levels of data security that meet both internal and external requirements.

    • Enable two-factor authentication

      Limit access to insider lists to authorised personnel. InsiderLog prompts users to insert a password and a one-time verification code received via SMS.

    • Issuers can save time and drive MAR compliance

      Compliance and legal teams can significantly reduce time spent on manual reporting with automated solutions for insider list management.

    • Advisors can easily manage multiple insider lists

      InsiderLog simplifies the management of numerous insider lists, as is often the case within advisory firms. Lists and data are easily separated for optimal efficiency.

    • One solution, several insider lists

      Effortlessly keep track of PDMRs and financial information recipients while ensuring optimal conversions from confidentiality lists to insider lists.

Simplify insider list management and MAR compliance

Discover how InsiderLog can streamline the management of insider lists within your organisation.

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