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    Professional studio webcast solutions

    With 6 studios available across Europe, host an studio event in a professional setting that combines quality and convenience to communicate with stakeholders and teams.

Conduct high-impact studio events

Choose from a variety of studio locations

For added convenience, choose from studios located in Amsterdam, Rivium Rotterdam, The Hague, Brussels, Paris and London, to name a few.
Maximise your visibility and communicative approach

Studio events that are tailored to the requirements of global organisations.

Engage with global investors, audiences and teams from studio locations that optimise communication with premium capabilities.

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    Highly tailored

    Customise your background with green screen capabilities and a platform that accommodates optional integrations.
  • Studio-events-02

    Premium and professional

    With 4 HD cameras, a professional crew, and state-of-the-art light and sound technology, deliver the most premium experience.
  • Studio-events-03

    TV-quality sudio events

    Leverage the benefits of a professional control room that delivers broadcasts in TV quality.
A true contender in studio broadcasting

Access a competitively priced studio event solution


In-demand technology to boost communication

Advanced technology is at the forefront of Company Webcast's studios. As an added option, enhance studio events with opening credits, software demos and video instart functionality.


Cutting-edge and secure

All 6 studios are compliant with ISO 27001 certification standards, ensuring the highest levels of security across studio broadcasts.


Streamlined and interactive

Enhance studio experiences with engaging features that include questions posed through live video during webcasts, live voting and content sharing, and Q&A sessions.


Nurture organisational growth

Paired with our pan-European footprint, our studio solution is designed to accommodate the needs of organisations looking for versatile and growth-oriented webinar solutions.

Optimal flexibility for organisations

Studio solution designed to meet dynamic needs

Achieve investor relations, communications, marketing, HR and general event goals through enhanced communication and impressive technological features.
  • Intelligent and secure
  • Increased visibility
  • Managed conferencing
  • Agile and interactive
    • Targeted at investor relations

      Use intelligent data for analysis that's designed to drive market performance in your organisation with investor relations data solutions.

    • Insightful reporting

      Leverage purpose-driven insights on competitors and personal market performance with tailored reports.

    • Secure conferencing

      Every studio event hosted at one of our 6 European locations is protected by market-leading security requirements.

    • Enhanced visibility

      Enjoy high-tech webcasts, webinars and broadcasts that maximise visibility with internal and external stakeholders and teams.

    • Convenient studio solution

      Access transcript, audio, video, webinar, webcasting and broadcasting facilities to ensure the ultimate convenience from one location.

    • Communicate your ESG strategy

      Attract international investors while optimally delivering ESG messaging by combining a state-of-the-art studio solution with webcast technology.

    • Professional assistance

      Make use of managed solutions for investor relations objectives, including statistical reporting on participants, branded introductions, and a moderator hotline.

    • Leaders in investor relations

      Connect with stakeholders through a tailored approach to investor communication. Use our experience to deliver educational sessions, shareholder meetings and more.

    • Driven to meet organisational objectives

      Boost interaction with internal and external audiences, drive market performance, engage and communicate with key stakeholders, and optimise lead generation.

    • Connect with audiences across the globe

      Ensure key investors and organisational teams can leverage studio broadcasts in live and on-demand formats.

    • Include mainstream presentation platforms

      Harness the power of external presentation platforms like PowerPoint to effectively communicate with stakeholders, teams and more.

    • Elevated coaching and training

      With a variety of interactive features like Q&A sessions, in-house employee training becomes streamlined and seamless.

Optimise your next studio event

Contact us to learn more about our studio webinar and broadcasting solution.

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