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    Simplified compliance and regulations

    Streamline your organisation's compliance and regulatory needs. ComplyLog's solutions drive efficiency, save time, and help you stay updated with regulations.

Automated digital solutions

Designed for compliance and legal teams

ComplyLog consists of InsiderLog, IntegrityLog and TradeLog. These solutions are designed by legal experts to help organisations meet compliance laws and corporate regulations.
An innovative suite of solutions

Digital solutions to optimise and simplify compliance and regulatory needs across organisations

  • LiabilityLog-01

    Streamline insider list management

    Automate the management of insider lists to ensure compliance with market abuse regulations (MAR) using InsiderLog.
  • LiabilityLog-02

    Enable the reporting of violations

    Leverage the ability to report violations with secure and anonymous whistleblowing using IntegrityLog.
  • LiabilityLog-03

    Automate personal trade monitoring

    Simplify the monitoring of employees' personal securities, transactions and holdings with TradeLog.
Efficient and automated digital solutions designed for compliance and governance

Boost productivity, minimise errors and save time


Designed by legal professionals

ComplyLog's products have been specially designed to be purpose-driven solutions that boost efficiency and streamline processes for compliance and legal teams.


Access high levels of security

InsiderLog, IntegrityLog and TradeLog provide high data security that aligns with your organisation's individual policies and GDPR guidelines.


Save time with digital solutions

Avoid time-consuming manual tasks pertaining to managing insider lists, monitoring employees' personal trades and reporting violations.


Trusted by organisations across the globe

ComplyLog's solutions are used by more than 1000 organisations in over 25 countries worldwide, including large caps, leading advisors and public organisations.

Leverage ComplyLog's competitively priced solutions

Maintain organisational governance and compliance

Reinvent the way your organisation stays up to date with regulatory requirements and compliance with ComplyLog's competitively priced and automated solutions.
  • Increased efficiency
  • Highly automated
  • Optimal security
  • Minimised risk
    • Boost productivity and compliance

      Enhance productivity across otherwise time-consuming tasks associated with monitoring employees' personal securities, transactions and holdings with TradeLog.

    • Automate insider list management

      Insider lists are created and maintained digitally, saving you time and making MAR compliance seamless. Receive digital notifications to boost efficiency for compliance and legal teams.

    • Save time with personal trade monitoring

      Easily monitor personal trade securities, transactions and holdings online with TradeLog.

    • Get automatic notifications for insiders

      Receive automatic reminders to ensure the required steps have been taken in line with market abuse regulations using InsiderLog.

    • Digitise your due diligence process

      Save time by automating the whistleblowing process via IntegrityLog, tailored to your organisation's unique requirements.

    • Simplify your compliance objectives

      Leverage a fully digitised case management system delivering automated surveillance and violation notifications to ensure MAR compliance, plus standard and customised reports with TradeLog.

    • Access a unique whistleblowing portal

      Receive a secure whistleblowing URL for employees and compliance. We ensure the process facilitates local guidelines on personal data management.

    • Securely access and manage insider lists

      Using a two-factor authentication process, limit access to insider lists to authorised personnel only with InsiderLog.

    • Protect your organisation from violations and wrongdoing

      Safeguard your organisation with the automatic reporting of violations using IntegrityLog.

    • Manage insider lists online

      With InsiderLog, issuers and advisors can mitigate the risk and burden of manual compliance through the online management of insider lists.

    • Comply with local regulations

      Ensure that the process of reporting violations meets local regulations with the GDPR-compliant IntegrityLog platform.

    • Meet organisational and regulatory requirements

      Lower organisational risks by ensuring employees operate in full compliance with ongoing regulatory requirements and organisational policies with TradeLog.

Tackle compliance and governance with ComplyLog's solutions

Explore how ComplyLog's solutions can optimise governance and compliance within your organisation

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