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  • integritylog IntegrityLog

    Offer safe online whistleblowing software

    Enable anonymous whistleblowing of violations and wrongdoing to ensure compliance within your organisation and beyond using IntegrityLog.

Automated whistleblowing

Facilitate compliance and reduce risks

Access a user-friendly, secure and competitively priced whistleblowing software for automatic compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive using IntegrityLog.
Comply with ongoing whistleblowing regulations

A GDPR-compliant whistleblowing portal for reporting violations and wrongdoing

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    Highly secure online portal

    Implement a tailored and secure online portal that meets GDPR and local guidelines.
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    Simplified dashboard reporting

    View unconfirmed, opening, pending, expiring and managed actions within a secure and easy-to-use dashboard.
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    Compliance made simple

    Ensure automated compliance in line with the EU Whistleblower Directive and GDPR guidelines.
Save time and ensure compliance with automated whistleblowing

Reporting violations in a unique and secure portal


Ensure complete anonymity of whistleblowers

Report violations and enjoy the ultimate peace of mind knowing the identity of whistleblowers is completely protected.


Trusted by a number of global organisations

IntegrityLog offers a fully secure platform for anonymous whistleblowing that is trusted by over 60 organisations worldwide.


Easily comply with regulations

Maintain compliance by monitoring cases within a secure portal while tracking the progress of investigations and follow-up actions.


Set up your organisation's environment in minutes

Ensure your organisation is compliant with mandatory whistleblowing regulations by setting up a highly secure environment in mere minutes.

A unique online whistleblowing portal

Protect your organisation and employees

IntegrityLog offers complete anonymity for whistleblowers, with automated solutions making compliance simple yet secure.
  • Premium security
  • Secure portal
  • Automated whistleblowing
  • Tailored to you
    • Developed by legal and tech professionals

      IntegrityLog is designed to meet leading industry best practices and ensure maximum security to protect organisational data.

    • GDPR-compliant online portal

      Have full peace of mind knowing that personal data is protected in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    • Secure online platform

      Safeguard your organisation with a private URL that enables secure whistleblowing for employees and compliance teams.

    • 24/7 access to reports

      Make sure your organisation complies with the EU Whistleblower Directive by receiving whistleblowing reports online, available 24/7.

    • Powerful and secure dashboard

      Monitor all whistleblowing within the secure dashboard that displays useful organisational information. View all unconfirmed, expiring and managed actions.

    • Fully customisable features

      The highly secure and interactive dashboard allows you to decide on whether you want to include automatic alerts on whistleblowing cases.

    • Seamless automated whistleblowing

      Save time while complying with whistleblowing requirements via a fully automated and secure URL that simplifies the process.

    • Establish a fair and safe work environment

      Encourage a healthy organisational culture for proactively fixing or ruling out bad behaviour while engaging employees in the whistleblowing process.

    • Drive productivity amongst teams

      Boost efficiency within your organisation while engaging your employees with automatic workflows for reporting misconduct.

    • Choose relevant data fields

      You decide on which data fields to include so that IntegrityLog aligns with your internal policies and local legislations.

    • Customised to suit your brand guidelines

      Customise your unique portal to align with your organisation's signature look by specifying graphics and colours, developing confidence in your brand.

    • Effectively protect employees

      Through its secure platform, IntegrityLog allows employees to anonymously report any issue.

Save time and report violations with ease

Discover how IntegrityLog's automated solutions can help your organisation report misconduct with ease.