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    Listed company publication services Norway

    Automatically publish announcements on bonds and investments via your organisation's website using Newspoint, a secure software developed by Oslo Børs.

Norway based Services
Automated and secure

Gain access to relevant information in real time

As part of the Norwegian publication services, organisations can also view real-time information on their share price and ownership structure.
We provide 24/7 secure access and straight-to-market publication solutions, providing distribution via the largest information vendors worldwide.
Gareth O'Neill Head of Client Excellence
Streamlined publication solutions

Distribute listing announcements with listed company publication services Norway

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    Oslo Børs News Feed

    Unlock access to targeted announcements and updates on the Norwegian market, including major market data vendors like Bloomberg and Refinitiv.
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    Define recipients in distribution lists

    Select relevant email recipients on various distribution lists for automatic notification of news and announcements as published.
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    Distribute updates on your organisation's website

    Automatically publish announcements on bonds and investments on your corporate website using a fully integratable and customisable web module.

Ensure efficient and secure distribution of announcements

Learn how our listed company publication services Norway can provide a seamless experience for complying with reporting listings and price-sensitive information.