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    Develop a sustainable ESG strategy

    Reduce risks, attract new investors and grow profitably with a sustainable tailor-made strategy.

Bespoke ESG advisory services

Build an ESG investment approach for improved market perception

A strong ESG strategy helps you create long-term value while meeting CSR goals and improving your competitive advantage.
For companies considering non-financial performance beyond regulation, ESG Advisory is the perfect toolbox: software solutions, consulting, data and analytics are proposed to support listed issuers in transforming their sustainable reporting into a strategic ESG roadmap
Nicolas Meunier Head of Advisory & IR Solutions
Driven by data

Unlock the potential of a meaningful ESG strategy

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    Attract the right investors

    Promote sustainable ESG goals through investor engagement, data collection and evaluating non-financial problems.
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    Identify risks and opportunities

    Access a thorough audit that reviews compliance, governance, peer benchmarking, ESG perception and investor risk evaluation.
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    Save time on data collection

    Our data and document collection optimises non-financial reporting by assisting with the establishment of appropriate organisational KPIs.

Develop a sustainable ESG strategy

Learn how our experts can help achieve your organisation's ESG goals.