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    ESG Advisory: Develop a sustainable ESG strategy

    Reduce risks, attract new investors and grow profitably with a sustainable tailor-made strategy.

    Access comprehensive ESG services tailored to your business needs, ensuring full ESG compliance.

Euronext ESG expertise

Fundamental ESG expertise

We leverage our unique position in the financial markets to offer unparalleled ESG Advisory services.

Euronext corporate services' ESG team is expert in supporting companies in their CSRD implementation.

Our deep-rooted expertise and extensive network provide us with a distinctive advantage in helping clients navigate the complex landscape of sustainability.
Sustainability challenges evaluation

Identify and evaluate sustainability challenges

Our ESG advisors help you identify and evaluate sustainability challenges, ensuring you meet compliance and requirements, supporting you on the whole CSRD framework.
By assessing ESG risk, we provide tailored strategies to enhance your sustainability performance and mitigate potential risks, aligning your business with industry standards and expectations.

We can help you with:

  • Double Materiality analysis

  • ESG focus perception studies

  • Trajectories

  • EU taxonomy

  • SFDR

Sustainability equity story

Building your ESG equity story

Enhance your company's value and reputation through tailored strategies that highlight your commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Our ESG consultants help you identify ESG opportunities and craft a compelling narrative.

We can help you with:
  • Identifying shareholders' sustainability concerns

  • Reinforce CSR perception strategy with surveys and polls

  • Set your ESG agenda

  • Shareholding structure analysis

ESG data formatting mapping

ESG data management

Effective ESG data capture is key to deliver a correct ESG reporting.

Our experts streamline your data collection processes, ensuring your sustainability reporting meets the highest standards and regulatory requirements, thereby enhancing your transparency and accountability in ESG performance.

We help you conduct thorough due diligence to comply with regulations like CSRD and meet the ESRS standards.

We can help you with:

  • Set-up data collection processes

  • Format data to meet the authorities requirements

Get ready for CSRD with Euronext

We make sure that your company complies with the whole reporting framework:

  • EU Taxonomy

    Classification and report of your economic activities' sustainability using the provided classification system.

  • SFDR

    • Disclosure of your sustainability risks integration
    • Principe Adverse Impact (PAI) indicators preparation

  • Sector ESRS

    Including Oil & gas, Agriculture and farming, Food and beverages, Textiles, accessories, footwear, jewellery, Mining & Coal Mining, Road Transport and Motor vehicles.

Progressive CSRD implementation plan





(Y-1 DATA)




(Y+1 DATA)


(Y+2 DATA)





  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Data collection roadmap (Scope 3)
  • Net zero trajectory 
  • Data collection roadmap update (Scope 3)
  • Data and trajectory update
  • Data collection roadmap update (Scope 3)
  • Data and trajectory update ▪
  • Data collection roadmap update (Scope 3)






Non-climate CSRD related communication






ESRS implementation

  • Materiality gap analysis
  • CSRD implementation roadmap
  • CSRD implementation roadmap update
  • Materiality update
  • ESRS implementation roadmap
  • ESRS implementation roadmap update


EU Regulation data points

  • KPIs identification
  • Gap analysis
  • Data processes implementation and roadmap
  • Data processes implementation and roadmap
  • Data processes implementation and roadmap


EU Taxonomy

  • EU Taxonomy eligibility/alignment (OPEX/CAPEX)
  • EU Taxonomy eligibility/alignment (OPEX/CAPEX)
  • EU Taxonomy eligibility/alignment (OPEX/CAPEX) 
  • EU Taxonomy eligibility/alignment (OPEX/CAPEX)


CSR Strategy

  • CSR Strategy Roadmap creation
  • CSR Strategy trajectories creation
  • CSR Strategy targets and trajectories update
  • CSR Strategy targets and trajectories update


CSR Reporting

  • CSRD aligned report
  • Auditability test
  • CSRD aligned report
  • xBRL
  • CSRD aligned report
  • xBRL
  • CSRD aligned report
  • xBRL

* The speed of implementation, auditability test and xBRL tagging will be adapted to the size of the company and its CSRD eligibility date

For companies considering non-financial performance beyond regulation, ESG Advisory is the perfect toolbox: software solutions, consulting, data and analytics are proposed to support listed issuers in transforming their sustainable reporting into a strategic ESG roadmap
NICOALS MEUNIER Head of Advisory & IR Solutions
Driven by data

Unlock the potential of a meaningful ESG strategy

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    Attract the right investors

    Promote sustainable ESG goals through investor engagement, data collection and evaluating non-financial problems.
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    Identify risks and opportunities

    Access a thorough audit that reviews compliance, governance, peer benchmarking, ESG perception and investor risk evaluation.
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    Save time on data collection

    Our data and document collection optimises non-financial reporting by assisting with the establishment of appropriate organisational KPIs.

Develop a sustainable ESG strategy

Learn how our experts can help achieve your organisation's ESG goals.

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