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    Investor relations CRM platform

    Optimise your IR team workflow and efficiently manage relationships with institutional investors, analysts and other stakeholders. IR.Manager is a cloud-based user-friendly CRM and targeting tool for investor relations professionals.

Intuitive cloud-based platform

Enhance engagement and attract the right investors

Utilise an intuitive CRM investor relations tool to reduce time spent on investor targeting and relationship management, and improve IR team workflows.
IR.Manager gives access to a worldwide directory of investment professionals. It stands as one of the most seamless digital tools to implement a collaborative and disciplined management of investor relations.
Nicolas Meunier Head of Advisory & IR Solutions
Optimise IR workflows

The most comprehensive and responsive Investor Relations platform

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    Time-saving IR management

    Strengthen investor engagement, manage contact lists and mailings, and measure the performance of your IR activity.
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    Target and profile new investors

    Effortlessly track ownership, target new investors, and perform scoring on investor engagement goals, leveraging a global directory of investment professionals.
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    Improved IR experience

    Discover the most responsive, comprehensive and user-friendly CRM investor relations tool available. Save time targeting new investors, and managing shareholder relationships and IR workflows by leveraging a powerful software with reporting functionality.

Improve your IR management and IR team workflows

Enhance your investor engagement strategy with IR.Manager.