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    High-quality virtual events solution

    Host professional and highly interactive virtual events to meet your financial roadshow, investor relations, internal team meeting and training objectives with a secure virtual webcast events platform.

Enhance communication with virtual events

Drive meaningful connections to meet business objectives

Drive engagement and visibility with stakeholders and teams using a cutting-edge virtual events platform to address marketing, communication, e-learning and investor relations needs.
A secure and tailored virtual events solution

Deliver the most impactful, secure and engaging experiences that resonate with your audience.

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    Premium security

    Utilise a highly secure broadcasting solution that complies with ISO 27001 standards.
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    Highly immersive

    Interact with stakeholders through Q&A sessions, live video questionnaires, live content sharing and live voting.
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    Extremely versatile

    Achieve key objectives across internal and external interactions, from financial roadshows to marketing activations and enhanced coaching.
Elevate organisational growth online

Showcase your value through high-quality virtual events


Premium-quality accessibility

Featuring a high-quality player, our professional webcasting platform facilitates access to virtual events at any time, anywhere.


State-of-the-art technological platform

As a market-leading solution, leverage a virtual events platform that is in line with leading international trends and technological developments.


Market leaders in virtual events

Enjoy an enhanced experience designed to meet organisational requirements. Facilitate your financial, HR, general and marketing events requirements.


Access virtual events live and on demand

View the same high-quality webinars in live and on-demand mode to ensure the highest convenience as required.

Optimised broadcasting solution

Host high-impact virtual events

Discover a comprehensive technology that is designed to meet the needs of various viewers from the comfort of their remote location.
  • Targeted approach
  • Streamlined solution
  • Highly inclusive
  • Ultimate convenience
    • Aimed at organisational goals

      Whether its for marketing activations, financial roadshows, or to facilitate coaching and training, enjoy one platform to meet unique business needs.

    • Customisable reporting

      Tap into tailored reports containing key insights on internal market performance indicators and competitors.

    • Investor relations accelerated

      Harness the power of insightful data through highly intelligent Investor Relations data services to monitor and measure organisational market performance.

    • All-in-one solution

      Utilise a single platform that accommodates virtual broadcasting, transcript and audiovisual requirements.

    • Adapted to optimise your ESG strategy

      Reach the right investors while delivering your key ESG message by combining our Virtual Webcast Events technology with our In-Studio solution for virtual roadshow success.

    • Host global training and coaching sessions

      Deliver the most effective and interactive international coaching and training sessions that welcome live engagement while upskilling employees.

    • Connect with audiences across the globe

      Hosting virtual events provides access to remote teams and stakeholders, whether that be live during the event or on demand.

    • Include mainstream presentation platforms

      Include interactive features to enrich your virtual event and keep audiences engaged throughout the process.

    • Go beyond live virtual events

      Archive live virtual events to provide access to internal and external stakeholders after the broadcast takes place.

    • Seamlessly access broadcasts on demand

      Visit previously broadcasted virtual events on demand and replay, pause and rewind on any device without the need for additional apps or plug-ins.

    • Boost productivity and efficiency across teams

      Ensure maximum accessibility across internal and external investors with virtual webcasts that are engaging and efficient.

    • Choose from audio and video broadcasting

      Interact with investors through convenient audio and video features that can be accessed live and on demand.

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