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  • About Euronext Corporate Services

    Established in 2016, Euronext Corporate Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Euronext. We have a strong local footprint across Europe and a deep understanding of global capital markets.

Our global presence

Discover our office locations across Europe

Euronext Corporate Services has an established local footprint throughout Europe. Discover our various office locations.


More than 4,000 organisations in over 25 countries utilise our services and solutions, ranging from corporates to the public sector.

Euronext Corporate Services timeline

Explore our most notable milestones over time

  • The founding of Euronext Corporate Services

    Euronext Corporate Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Euronext, is established to meet the needs of almost 200 corporate issuers.

  • Euronext acquires Company Webcast

    Euronext Corporate Services achieves majority stake acquisition in Company Webcast, a Dutch company specialised in professional webcast and webinar services.
  • Euronext acquires iBabs

    Euronext Corporate Services acquires iBabs, a highly secure software for board meetings, compliance and communication.
  • Euronext acquires InsiderLog

    Euronext Corporate Services acquires InsiderLog, a Stockholm-based leading player in the field of insider list management.
  • Company Webcast launches new studio in Brussels

    The first professional webinar studio outside of the Netherlands is launched in Brussels.
  • InsiderLog acquires Ticker Software

    Euronext Corporate Services expands into the Nordic region with the acquisition of Ticker Software.
  • Company Webcast acquires 3sens

    Company Webcast, a Euronext Company, acquires 3sens, a webcast and corporate events specialist in France.
  • Company Webcast launches new studio in Paris

    A state-of-the-art professional webinar studio launches in Paris, France.
  • Launch of ComplyLog

    ComplyLog is launched as the new brand for compliance-related digital tools. ComplyLog's suite of products now includes IntegrityLog, InsiderLog and TradeLog.
  • Company Webcast launches new studio in London

    Our network of webinar studios expands to London, UK.
As an integral part of Euronext, Euronext Corporate Services already supports more than 1,000 issuers to be more efficient in their capital markets journey.
Mathieu Caron Head of Listing & Corporate Services