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  • selfservicewebinarwebcast Company Webcast - Self-operated Events

    Self-operated webcasting platform

    Organise webcasts, webinars and broadcasts from a location of choice using our dynamic self-operated offering to elevate communication with local and international stakeholders and teams.

Independent webinar solution

Discover our self-operated offering

Enjoy the freedom to control the production process while conducting webinars that align with organisational standards.
Create a personalised webinar studio

Optimal webinars are brought to life based on organisational requirements.

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    High-quality setup

    Gain access to all the necessary digital tools required to deliver the most impactful webinars.
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    Live production

    Drive interaction and engagement with teams and investors around the world through live in-house production.
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    Host investor relations, communications, marketing, HR and internal training events
Various webinar formats available

Drive success with a host of webinar formats


Set up webinars based on expert guidance

Successfully set up a self-operated webcasting platform and choose from a variety of webinar formats designed according to global best practices.


Utilise leading expertise

Enjoy guidance and expertise from a dedicated project manager who provides guidance throughout the production process to ensure webinar success.


Agile webinar and webcasting platform solutions

Access professional tools, an online database, and professional support and experience from our team.


Choose to host in-house or in-studio

Opt to conduct webinars at your organisation's location. We provide all the experience and equipment required to maximize your event. Available services include consulting, live in-event support and full event management.

Simplified and self-operated

Unlock a tailored roadmap for webinar success

Leverage various webinar formats customised to market segments. Choose from formats including Investor Relations, Marketing and External Communications, Training and Education, to name a few.
  • Industry-leading solution
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Managed conferencing
  • Premium webinars
    • Optimise self-operated webinars

      Gain access to the latest findings made available through webinar formats and a knowledge database to drive webinar success.

    • Industry-leading insights

      Discover a host of helpful resources to facilitate a successful webinar, in accordance with the latest industry trends and developments.

    • Competitive and secure

      Compliant with ISO 27001 certification standards, utilise a self-operated offering that's secure and competitively priced.

    • Communicate with ease

      Enjoy the highest broadcasting standards to effectively engage with key investors, internal teams and wider audiences.

    • Convenient and streamlined

      Our self-owned cutting-edge software platform is designed to simplify connectivity and communication for organisations.

    • Host virtual roadshows….from your in-house studio

      Combine studio solutions with high-tech webcast technology to host virtual roadshows and communicate your ESG strategy.

    • Fully operated conferencing

      Utilise managed solutions to ensure success with investors. Access reports on participant statistics, a branded introduction, and a moderator hotline.

    • Dynamic and continued growth

      Enjoy a tailored experience to meet organisational messaging, values and audience expectations.

    • Achieve organisational objectives

      Drive lead generation, host marketing activations, communicate with investors, and train employees.

    • Facilitate staff coaching and training

      Coach and train staff internally and across the globe from a self-operated webcasting platform.

    • Enhance your reach

      Provide live and on-demand access to webinars in video and audio format to ensure optimal access for stakeholders and teams.

    • Ensure accessibility from any device

      Access the same high-quality webinars using a mainstream browser on any device, with no additional software required.

Leverage a self-operated offering

Discover the benefits of our self-operated webcasting platform solution

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