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8 Ways an IR CRM Can Boost Investor Engagement at Listed Companies

8 Ways an IR CRM Can Boost Investor Engagement at Listed Companies

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Life has changed in recent years for investor relations officers. Research shows investors are more likely to request virtual meetings, fintech increasingly helps issuers sell shares directly to the public and retail investors are growing in importance, amongst other market trends. 

IROs cannot just engage the same contacts at funds; they have to deal with a much larger base of individual investors, adding significantly to their in-tray. This means they must seek out a way to manage the additional work effectively and streamline their workflows at the same time as improving and refining their processes to identify and engage new investors

This article explores how an IR CRM can help. 


8 ways an IR CRM can boost investor engagement

1. Replaces spreadsheets with a centralised dashboard 

An IR CRM is more effective than a spreadsheet because it updates for everyone as soon as a team member makes changes. This ensures everyone is working on the latest version. You can also store your memos with your contacts and share agendas through the same system, preventing you from having to switch between apps to carry out simple tasks. 

2. Automates mundane tasks

Automation is key for saving time at work. A CRM streamlines your processes, taking many time-consuming tasks off your hands and allowing you to concentrate more closely on engaging your target investors. You can automate emails to remind contacts about forthcoming investor relations events and even to send out financial reports.


3. Makes roadshow preparation faster

All of the information that you need to create accurate and insightful briefing notes and investor profiles is collected in one place, allowing you to draw a 360-degree view of those parties that your management team will meet. 

4. Helps you keep track of communications

An IR CRM helps you archive communications between your organisation and the potential investor. It allows all relevant team members to understand how the relationship is developing and what it might take to persuade them to invest. 

5. Reduces time for investor prospecting

An IR CRM has valuable tools to help you to save time when prospecting. IR.Manager from Euronext Corporate Services, for example, provides a predetermined database of contacts directly involved in the investment world. This is collected from publicly available information but is collated by the CRM, saving IROs vast amounts of time trawling for the correct, up-to-date details. 

6. Helps you understand your shareholder base

In order to understand the gaps in your shareholding, you have to analyse your current shareholder base. An IR CRM contains all of the information that you need to build comprehensive profiles of your current shareholders. You can track communication with your investors to assess the health of the relationship. It is also possible to see which events they attend, whether they have made additional investments and track their other interests.


7. Enables you to optimise your processes 

You can track the activity relating to your direct investment contacts, as well as quantifying the engagement level of active brokers. By being able to see all interactions in one place, you can visualise the progress and use that information to adapt your processes. This ensures that future engagements run in a smoother and more productive manner.  

8. Helps you evaluate market conditions

Using an advanced IR CRM like IR.Manager Premium, you can gain access to data that allows you to evaluate market conditions, gain insight into investor sentiment and understand where your company sits in context with its peers.




Ways an IR CRM can boost investor engagement

To manage and engage investors in an effective manner, an IR CRM, such as IR.Manager, is an essential tool for IROs. It provides a central database for all the relevant data relating to interactions with both your existing and potential investors, as well as providing the information you need to target those types of investors who will better balance your shareholding. 

Unlocking the power of a CRM helps you interact with investors who would be interested in your financial products without having to go through a broker. At the same time, you remain compliant with MiFID II. 

IR.Manager helps you create a more effective IR strategy, which gives confidence to high-quality potential investors, enabling you to gain that competitive edge in your sector.
Request a demo of IR Manager today to find out how it could revolutionise your IR efforts.


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