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Certified Course

February – April 2024


An upskilling certification programme to unlock pathways to generate financial performance and socio-environmental impact.

Powered by the training centre of a leading financial market infrastructure and the Research Centre of a globally leading Business School, this certification programme is designed to equip delegates with the necessary knowledge base to navigate the complexity of the “sustainability” paradigm, eco-system and regulatory frameworks and to drive the implementation of sustainable strategies in their organisations.

For CSR and Business Sustainability managers who are already working in the field, the certificate may constitute a means to further develop competencies and take their career to the next level.

In collaboration with

Benefits of attending
Participants will be exposed to industry experts and thought leaders sustainable finance and sustainability space. Post-programme, participants will be in the position to present and discuss a clearly articulated sustainability transformation roadmap with their CEOs or exec teams.

Learning outcomes:
  • Acquire essential frameworks, models and tools to inform the development of a competitive growth strategy, underpinned by sustainability.

  • Understand materiality and address the organisation’s goals and challenges on corporate responsibility and ESG matters

  • Navigate the complex ESG frameworks and regulations landscape

  • Interact with the key stakeholders of the sustainable finance eco-system

  • Identify the most relevant sustainability value-creating mechanisms

  • Collaborate with their stakeholders to measure their impact

  • Engage with investors, including responsible investors and ESG rating industry leaders in order to address your ESG disclosures.


Experts present for this training


Isabel Ucha

CEO, Euronext Lisbon


Maurizio Pastore

Head of Debt and Funds Listing at Euronext

Frank Brueck

Frank Brueck

Visiting Researcher

Scalvini_ Livio

Livio Scalvini

Executive Director at Leonardo Centre

Zollo_ Maurizio

Maurizio Zollo

Scientific Director at Leonardo Centre and professor of strategy and sustainability at Imperial College Business School

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